Board Certification for the Natural Health Practitioner

Clinical Training


Be sure and read our glowing testimonials at the bottom of the page! Coming Soon! Webinars on clinical training and solutions to health challenges! 
This seminar is designed for all those who want learn the basics of becoming a Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioner and was open to students, graduates and those already in the health care field. 
Topics that were covered during this extensive training included:
  • Initial Intake & Interview
  • Consultation & Assessment
  • Presenting ROF (Report of Findings) + Healing Plan to Client
  • Healing Plan Implementation
  • Client Management for Effective Compliance
  • Marketing for the CAM Practitioner 
  • Presenting ROF to Clients
  • Q&A

And much more...

"Kay was very thorough, easy to follow and generous with her information. She is a great speaker and teacher, and I would probably attend any lecture she gives."
~Laura C., PhD, Victorville, CA

"This training is a must for anyone who is interested in becoming a CAM practitioner. Kay Larson is so knowlegeable and the seminar has been key in helping me towards my goal of helping people towards a healthier way of living. 
~Sharon M,. RN, MS, Little Rock. AR

"I have just experienced one of the best educational weekends I’ve had in many years. I have attended many trainings and seminars over the past years, and I must say that The American Council of Holistic Medicine's clinical training in Southern California is rated at the top of my list as the best interactive trainings I’ve had the pleasure of attending. There was sooooo much information presented by Kay Larson. The information was easy to comprehend and worth every penny spent. I came hungry for knowledge and left filled with more than I could have imagined. The group dynamic was awesome. There was participation by every class member and I’m sure that they were all being filled with knowledge as I was. I cannot say THANK YOU enough for giving me, for giving us the opportunity to learn some valuable information that we can use as we go forward in our training and practices. I can't wait to see what trainings you have planned next."
~David L., PhDc, San Diego, CA

" I almost didn't go to the Clinical Training seminar this past weekend in Oxnard, CA with Kay Larson. I had read her book, "The Handbook for Starting a Business as a Natural Health Consultant: A Guide for the Professional.", and was not sure there was much more she could teach that wasn't already outlined in her book. But the price was so affordable I decided I didn't have anything to lose. Wow! I am so glad I 'took a chance' and went. Kay was outstanding. So professional. So knowledgeable! I learned so much. Thank-you Kay, for so generously sharing your expertise with us. The program was very well-organized, easy to follow, interactive, informal, and fun. You and your team seemed genuinely interested in us and were encouraging and supportive. I rated this seminar 5-Star because it delivered everything that was promised and so much more. The American Council of Holistic Medicine has set very high standards for itself! Congratulations. I can't wait for the next one..."
~Valerie B, PhDc, Temecula, CA

"I came to this seminar not knowing what to expect. I left with a wealth of knowledge in which I can use to assist clients on their way to optimal health. "
~Connie D., MS, Dallas, TX